Episode 3: Eyrbyggja Saga

Join John and Andy for one of saga literature’s finest creations (despite what Theodore M. Anderson thinks)…

Eyrbyggja Saga (Penguin Classics)

In Episode 3a, John and Andy discuss the difficulties of trying to cover Eyrbyggja Saga in one episode…which they then totally fail to do successfully.  So we present the first of a two-part episode! Never fear, there’s plenty here to enjoy.  You’ll meet Snorri the goði and his rival Arnkel Thorolfsson.   Listen as they battle for control of Snæfellsnes Peninsula.  This is a tale of fortunes and misfortunes, sweeping conflicts between huge kin-groups, the rise and fall of chieftains, and the little people that get swept up in the mess.  But it also features a steamy love affair, a dispute over fine linens, and the exploits of a spectral seal.  Don’t miss a moment!!!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 3: Eyrbyggja Saga

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  3. Hi guys, I’m a new listener, just getting caught up, a little bit at a time. I want to say, I’m enjoying it greatly, and you two are very easy to listen to and follow along with.

    For this episode, I’ve found that I could have used a little more recap of the saga itself. You two have a great conversational flow, but at times, I lost the thread of the story of the saga.

    I’ll keep on listening, though!


    • Understandable. This was our first effort at covering a major saga. I think we get better at balancing the narrative as the podcast goes on.


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