Episode 4 – Eirik the Red’s Saga

It’s time to strike out for the west in the latest installment of Saga Thing. Join us as we sail through stormy and unpredictable seas in the Saga of Eirik the Red!

The Vinland Sagas (Penguin Classics)

The first of the two so-called Vínland sagas to be reviewed, Eirik’s saga offers up a story that’s part travelogue, part bloodbath, and part confusing as heck. In this episode, we’ll learn all about Eirik the Red’s bad habit of killing almost everyone he meets, his son Leif’s discovery of Vínland through the magic of pure navigational incompetence, the volatile natives of this dangerous new land, and another round of hauntings (much to Andy’s delight).

Will Eirik ever find a nice neighborhood and settle down (without killing anyone who lives there)? Why does a Greenland seeress need such fancy seat-cushions? Is that a Uniped hopping through the Vínland woods? And just where are Helluland and Markland, anyway?

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If you want to listen to both Vinland Sagas at once, jump ahead to

The Greenlanders’ Saga (Summary and Judgment)

Interview with Loretta Decker about the Vikings in North America

5 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Eirik the Red’s Saga

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  3. I am confused about Freydis being 8 months pregnant — did she have a child in Vinland? We know that Gudrid has a son, Snorri, but I can’t figure out what happens to Freydis’ son.


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