Episode 6 – The Saga of Hen-Thorir

In this episode, meet the despicable and conniving Hen-Thorir, an unpopular businessman whose shameless lust for status and respect leads to a high-stakes feud that consumes the Borgafjord district of West Iceland.  Loosely based on historical events, this is an instant classic noted for its brilliant acts of deception and social maneuvering. Through its cleverly drawn characters and wonderfully plotted narrative, Hen-Thorir’s Saga contrasts the noble with the ignoble, offering us a fascinating and entertaining glimpse into the heart of medieval Iceland’s exploration of good vs. bad leadership.  Things get pretty complicated as nearly every big name in Borgafjord is drawn into the conflict.  Though few of them actually have a personal stake in the origin of the conflict, there is much to be gained for those who choose the right side.  For those who choose poorly, things rarely turn out well.  Game of Thrones fans should enjoy this one.