Episode 8–Bandamanna saga

Sure, we’ve been branching out into new and exciting territory lately at Saga Thing (Fornaldursogur! Viking Torture! Live tweeting extravaganzas!), but our hearts will always belong to the Family Sagas. This time out, we’ve got the bitterly funny Bandamanna saga, a much-beloved saga set in the mid-11th century and centered around the corruption of Icelandic law by the rich and powerful chieftains of that later age.

The saga pits old money against the nouveau riche against a backdrop of legal wrangling and murder. Can Ofeig Skiðason and his estranged son Odd Ofeigsson put aside their differences in time to thwart the combined forces of eight of the most powerful men in Iceland? What’s Ospak Glumsson (grandson and namesake of the notorious outlaw king of Eyrbyggja saga) doing in this saga? Why do Thorarin of Laugardal’s servant laugh at him behind his back? And was there a second bowman hidden in a grassy knoll as Hermund Illugason’s band of men rode by? Learn the answers to these questions and prepare your own judgments as you enjoy Bandamanna saga–the saga of the Confederates!

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