Holmgang Challenge Contest

Lego Holmgang

Inspired by this image we found online, we challenge you to listen to our episode on the Icelandic art of dueling and then create your own holmgang scene.  Be creative, but don’t hurt anyone.  You can share your scene with us by tweeting it to @sagathingpod, posting it on our facebook page facebook.com/sagathingpodcast, or by emailing it to us at sagathingpodcast@gmail.com.  Here’s what Andy and his son Teag came up with:

Holmgang in Playmobil 2

The winner gets an autographed Saga Thing postcard and a mention on our next episode (maybe not the coolest prize, but it’s something for your effort).  Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Saga Brief 2: Holmgang, or The Icelandic Art of Dueling

In this episode, John and Andy square off in a battle for the ages as Saga Thing examines the holmgang, or the Icelandic art of dueling.

The Duel

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Sagas of Warrior-Poets

sagas of the warrior poets