Episode 11a – Kormak’s Saga

SteingerdIf you’re a fan of erotic poetry and dueling, then this is the saga for you.  Join us as we follow Kormak as he pursues the lovely-soled object of his affection, Steingerd.  Yes, I said soled and I meant it.  She’s got nice feet and Kormak is just into that sort of thing.  Who are we to judge?  Along the way, you’ll meet the scoundrel Narfi, a witch in a questionable relationship with a walrus, and a surprising visit from a Scottish giant.  Yes, this saga has a bit of everything.  So what are you waiting for.  It’s time for Kormak’s Saga!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 11a – Kormak’s Saga

  1. “[Poets] enjoyed a certain celebrity in Icelandic culture, so it just makes sense that they be disproportionately celebrated in the sagas.”

    “Poets were something of an export commodity in medieval Iceland.”

    Can I posit a third theory as to why poets show up so much in Icelandic sagas?

    The sagas were being written by poets.

    It makes sense that poets would write about what they know — their own lifestyles or the lifestyles they aspired to — just as many filmmakers make films about artists. How many Broadway musicals are there about Broadway? How many songs about singing? How many plays about theater?


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