Episode 12a – The Saga of Bjorn Champion of the Hitardal People


The title is a mouthful, but some might call this saga an underappreciated gem of medieval Iceland.  Like the other warrior poet’s sagas, we’ve got a love triangle.  This time Bjorn, a dashing swashbuckler who sports the impressive title “Champion of the Hitardal People,” loses the girl to his conniving rival, Thord Kolbeinsson.  But this isn’t your average warrior poet saga.  Rather than a series of duels and fights, these men trade verbal barbs in some of the raunchiest poetry saga literature has to offer.  It isn’t all taunts and insulting verses, however.  This saga has some depth and strong characterizations that make it an instant favorite for the men of Saga Thing.

You can read along in your own copy of The Sagas of Warrior-Poets

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4 thoughts on “Episode 12a – The Saga of Bjorn Champion of the Hitardal People

  1. I am LOVING the podcast. Thanks so much not only for covering this topic, but for bringing humor and a casual tone to some pretty rigorous discussions.

    Can you perhaps switch to releasing the judgments concurrently with the summary discussion? I started on the podcast a few in, and prefer to marathon them in any case, but the wait for judgements last time was so long that by the time you’d released it I’d pretty well forgotten the details that distinguish Kormak form the other warrior/poets.

    If not concurrent releases, can we get a commitment as to how long we’ll have to wait between episodes? The latest has been sitting in my que a week now, taunting me several times a day. I want to listen to it now but don’t want to be hanging for so long!


    • Glad you’re enjoying the podcast. We are working out a schedule for this year now and should be much more regular about when we post and how often. Trust me when I say we’d prefer to be working on Saga Thing all the time. Sadly, it pays no bills.

      You’ll be happy to know that the Bjorn’s Saga judgments are actually being recorded tonight (2/9) and should be up by Friday afternoon (2/13). We would love to post both at the same time, but finding the free hours to prep, record, and edit all of that material so close together can be quite challenging. John and I are both full time professors with many professional obligations as well as fathers with young children. We try to record one episode a month and are usually pretty good, despite a few gaps here and there. When things are going well, the judgment comes out within a week or two. Sometimes, however, our work obligations have to take priority (even if we’d both rather be doing Saga Thing). I’m sure you understand.

      Our next saga, I think, is Viglund’s Saga. It’s short, fairly formulaic, and I can’t imagine it stretching into two separate episodes. Though now that I’ve said that it will probably end up being three!

      Thanks for the enthusiasm.


  2. Well, you are welcome to the enthusiasm- I’ve got lots for you.

    I do understand that the podcast demands needs to be treated as a hobby amid the more pressing demands of life.

    Sporadic posting seems almost inevitable given the nature of the project- it’s a lot to read each saga and formulate intelligent AND funny things to say about them anyway, and then they vary so wildly. I really just wanted to let you know that the summary/judgement time lapse is a concern so you can mix that in with all the other priorities. Understanding all these factors, I’d rather have you hold on to one for a while so you can release them closer together.

    I’m DLing your judgements on Bjorn right now- ahead of schedule!


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