Episode 14c – The Saga of the People of Vatnsdal (Judgments)


After a two part summary, it’s finally time to put Vatnsdæla Saga on trial.  As one of the longer sagas we’ve covered, there were plenty of candidates for each category.  In fact, with so many great characters available this is the toughest one yet for choosing a thingman.  And outlawry…don’t even get us started on the number of potential outlaws in this saga.  There’s plenty of bloodshed and a decent pile of bodies to keep everyone happy.  And, for the first time, more nicknames than we could possibly deal with in a reasonable amount of time.  John did his best to curb his enthusiasm and make nicknames manageable, but Andy still fell asleep near the end.  We’ve posted a severely edited version of the nicknames section in the episode available for download, but you can see the whole list of nicknames and hear the full original recording (more or less) by following this link: John’s Crazy Nicknames

Among the highlights of this episode, in our humble opinion, is the exploration of just how many large cats a person could reasonably take on in battle.

Andy also reminds John of a backroom deal he offered a while back that would have made the Thingman selection for Vatnsdæla Saga a whole lot easier.  This episode is packed with facts, fun, and a healthy dose of nonsense.  But enough babbling.  Here’s the link you’re looking for:

Download this episode (right click and save)

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