Episode 15b – First Quarter Court Results

Andy v John

The results are in and your votes have been tallied.  Listen to the Quarter Court Results show to find out how your favorite candidates did.  John and Andy also take time to answer your questions about podcasting, saga scholarship and other nonsense, like which character they each resemble most.  Along the way, they reference a few things you may be interested in checking out for yourself.  See the links below the episode player.

Quarter Court Poll Results Here

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“Aldrei er góð vísa of oft kveðin”
The Concordance to the Proverbs in the Old Icelandic Sagas by Richard Harris

John and Andy’s Podcast Recommendations (Images link to podcast webpages)

     The British History Podcast  Footnoting History

History Extra podcast    The Cracked Podcast   Nerdist Podcast

Bonus Bugle - Satirist in Soho #3   NPR logo   

Sword and Scale    image description  My Brother, My Brother and Me

        The Infinite Monkey Cage

We didn’t mention it, but John and Andy both dabble in

How Did This Get Made?


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