Episode 16e – Grettir’s Saga (Judgments)


At long last, it is time to put Grettir’s Saga on trial.  Does the fight atop a whale carcass have enough appeal to win Best Bloodshed?  Will Grettir’s Saga break the Body Count record currently held by Eyrbyggja Saga?  Will Andy and John outlaw Grettir or take him on as thingman?  Does Andy finally decide whether Grettir’s Saga is better or worse than Gisli’s Saga?  And will John ever stop talking about Nicknames?  This saga is full of memorable moments, witticisms, and wonders, which is why this judgment section ended up being so long.  But don’t worry, there’s plenty to laugh about and plenty to learn here.

We hope you enjoy this conclusion to Grettir’s Saga as much as we enjoyed making it.  The journey’s been long, but well worth the time spent.  We’ll get to the Saga Brief about Grettir and Beowulf sometime soon.  For now, we need a break from this saga.  It’s on to the Saga of the Greenlanders next and then Finnbogi the Mighty.  Until then!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 16e – Grettir’s Saga (Judgments)

  1. Question for John the disability expert: When Onund has his battle with Vigbiod, his men have to come out and put a stump down for him to battle on. This has always struck me as odd. Did they not yet have woooden pegleg technology already? Was Onund just hopping around or using a crutch for day-to-day activities rather than using a wooden leg? It seems like using a stationary stump to balance on is the absolute worst solution for a one-legged guy to have to rely on for mano-a-mano combat. I know in other situations in the Sagas (Hrafn vs Gunnlaug) having a handy stump when you’re dealing with a sudden amputation is very doable. But here with Onund, it seems like a really weird way to plan it out. Am I missing something?


  2. If I understand correctly it was possible to return from outlawry by killing outlaws … Grettir killed loads so why didn’t he manage to redeem himself … or is that a bit like asking how the inertial dampers work 😉



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