Episode 20F – Njal’s Saga (Part 6)


In this episode, we travel to foreign lands with Thrain Sigfusson and two of the Njalssons.  Thrain will find things easy going, but the prophecy of hard times for the Njalssons proves true. We’ll also introduce you to two new players in the saga, the heroic Kari Salmundarson and the villainous Killer-Hrapp.  This episode of Saga Thing is full of adventure, intrigue, and digressions. Join John and Andy as they discuss the politics of medieval Orkney, minor deities of the Norse pantheon, and the wonders of the Icelandic landscape.  There’s something here for everyone!

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 Music Credits:
Previous Episode Review – “Begin the Beguine” by Artie Shaw
Selections from music by Kevin MacLeod licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

4 thoughts on “Episode 20F – Njal’s Saga (Part 6)

  1. The stream/download link on WordPress aren’t working! It’s tragic. Assuming this isn’t a nudge for those of us without iTunes to get it and leave a review…?


    • Go ahead and try it again, MNigel. There was a missed edit in the first try and I uploaded a corrected version. It must not have updated properly. Should be fixed now.


  2. Ok, so I’m at a loss here. I know Thrain makes questionable decisions (cough-Thorgerd-cough) but he’s clearly smart and successful enough to make it this far. Right? So what’s going on here?

    The guy goes to Norway.
    He meets a pretty powerful dude, Earl Hakon.
    He stays with the guy and lives up to his expectations as Gunnar’s kin.
    He puts his life and limb on the line, for the Earl, to go after an outlaw… and succeeds.
    He comes back to the Earl well-regarded, respected, and rewarded. A new ally.
    The Earl even gives Thrain a boat!

    But then comes along Hrapp, scumbag of the century, who is trying to hide from Earl Hakon after doing some thoroughly deplorable acts. I mean, the guy even burned down a holy site! And Thrain figures, “Hee, I guess I should help this guy out!”

    What exactly is going through his mind here????


  3. Dan,
    Like you, I was a little thrown off by Thrain’s sudden shift. If he’s there to contrast with Gunnar as a poor imitation, then he does a good job. The problem is that Thrain isn’t set up to be the kind of selfish fool he becomes upon Hrapp’s arrival. I get that he’s a proud man, but his support of Hrapp against the earl doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I wish I had a good answer for you.


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