Episode 20j – Njal’s Saga (Part 10)

In this, the penultimate episode in the Njal’s Saga summary, we follow Flosi and the Burners as they bounce around the region seeking support for the inevitable legal case against them.  Meanwhile, a slightly singed, but recovered Kari Salmundarson prepares his own case against the burners.  And who better to help him than Thorhall Asgrimsson, … Continue reading Episode 20j – Njal’s Saga (Part 10)

Episode 20h – Njal’s Saga (Part 8)

In this episode, we leave the conversion behind and get back to Njal’s Saga. Tensions are running high yet again thanks to the careful plotting of your favorite villain, Morð Valgardsson.  Despite their troubled history with Morð, the Njalssons accept his friendship and quickly find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  With a … Continue reading Episode 20h – Njal’s Saga (Part 8)

Episode 20F – Njal’s Saga (Part 6)

In this episode, we travel to foreign lands with Thrain Sigfusson and two of the Njalssons.  Thrain will find things easy going, but the prophecy of hard times for the Njalssons proves true. We’ll also introduce you to two new players in the saga, the heroic Kari Salmundarson and the villainous Killer-Hrapp.  This episode of Saga … Continue reading Episode 20F – Njal’s Saga (Part 6)