Past Judgments

In each of our episodes, we evaluate a saga on the basis of several categories. About a week after the episode arrives on the site, we’ll post our judgments here for ease of reference when you wish to write and complain to us about them.

Be warned–spoilers ahead! If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t peek at presents and doesn’t want to know why only Haley Joel Osment seems to be talking to Bruce Willis, you might want to avoid this page until you’ve caught up with the podcast…and read the full corpus of Icelandic saga literature.

On the other hand, if you approach this podcast as if it were full of cliffhangers, you’re probably going to be deeply disappointed.

Just click on the judgment you’re interested in to see what we have to say about each.

Best Bloodshed

Body Count


Not Wit



Final Ratings

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