Body Count

Body Count

In addition to Body Count, we also track each saga’s Body Count Density Measurement (BCDM). This brilliant idea came to us from Greg Rice, who thought that some form of deaths-per-page density measurement might provide a more useful way of tracking the bloodsheddyness of the sagas.  We liked the idea enough to adopt it, though we’ve elected the far more reasonable and accurate deaths-to Hrafnkels ratio for our Body Count Density Measurement.  Special thanks to Greg for the idea and to Peter Larsen for keeping track of our Hrafnkel stats from previous episodes.

Current Top 3 in BCDM:

1. The Saga of Hord and the Holm-Dwellers – 105.77

2. Bard’s Saga – 71.23

3. The Saga of the Greenlanders – 70.42

Third Quarter Court Results: The total number of deaths in the 10 sagas covered in the third quarter was 1,055, continuing the upward trend from the first and second quarters.  Egil’s Saga provided 407 of those. That’s not quite half, but pretty close. Both Hord and the Holm-Dwellers and Bard’s Saga also put up respectable numbers, with 220 and 104 each. Those three sagas account for nearly 70% of the body count for the third quarter. Ale-Hood contributed absolutely nothing since we don’t count burned up forests. Way to go, Ale-Hood.

1,055 total deaths / 21.59 total Hrafnkels = Third Quarter Court BCDM of 48.87 (quite impressive…now imagine what it could have been if Ale-Hood contributed in some way)

Total Hrafnkels read across 30 sagas = 68.94!

The Saga of Gunnar the Fool of Keldugnup: Gunnar enjoyed killing as much as the next saga hero, but in the end he just didn’t have enough Hrafnkels to really show what he’s made of. The saga put up a skimpy Body Count of 27, but only 20 if you don’t count the humanoid trolls and blámaðr.

27/0.8 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 33.75

The Saga of the Sworn Brothers (Ep. 33): While it felt like a lot more, the body count for the Saga of the Sworn Brothers came in at 63. Thorgeir and Thormod did their best but couldn’t even match Thord Menace. Too much poetry from Thormod, I guess.

63/3.61 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 17.45 (rather disappointing for such a violent saga)

The Saga of Thord Menace (Ep. 32): A body count of 74, most of which were sent to the other side by Thord himself. An impressive showing for Thord!

74/1.75 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 42.29 (a very respectable score for this little saga)

The Saga of Bard the God of Snowfell (Ep. 31): 104. Much to Andy’s dismay, the 500 undead oarsmen in Raknar’s mound don’t count. Gest may lop off their heads, but he doesn’t lay their heads between their buttocks as is necessary to end an undead’s reign of terror. When Raknar was defeated, they simply walk back to their bench spots and sit down. They’re still alive an kicking – as it were – at the end of the text, so they were not killed so much as only momentarily inconvenienced. Also not counted, but acknowledged are the death of a group of watchdogs at Olaf Tryggvason’s place, the slaying of a ghost bull by Jostein the Priest, and the tragic drowning of Snati the Wonder Dog.

104/1.46 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 71.23 Less than a point above the Saga of the Greenlanders. Bard’s Saga now takes second place in the BCDM rankings! We again have a shift on the podium.

The Saga of Hord and the Holm-Dwellers (Ep. 30): This is a bloodbath of a saga – perhaps not unexpected considering it is about a large band of outlaws. The final tally comes in at 220 deaths – only one less than the much-longer Njals saga, putting it in third place for sheer numbers.

220 deaths/2.08 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 105.77
This high BCDM beats out the Saga of the Greenlanders for first place in the BCDM ranking. We have a new champion!

The Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson (Ep. 29): Despite having multiple raids, battles, and hall burnings where the exact number of fatalities aren’t listed, Egil’s Saga still manages to rack up an impressive body count of 407.

407 deaths/7.2 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 56.53

The “Saga” of Ale-Hood (Ep. 28): Due to this saga’s unprecedented pacifism, lack of plagues, troll encounters, elfshot, or fatal accidents, the Saga of Ale-Hood has a stunning body count of 0.

0 deaths/0.31 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 0

The Saga of the People of Floi (Ep. 27): In a saga short on description, the body count was able to rocket up, reaching fourth place in our Body Count Density Measurement ranking. Due to several killings, a murder, and the slaying of thirty outlaws, Floamanna saga gave us a total of 77 untimely deaths.

77 deaths/ 1.94 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 39.69

The Saga of the People of Kjalarnes (Ep. 26):  While the saga had a lot to offer in the form of discussion, the body count was relatively low. Like several of our recent saga authors, this one did a good job of making the count easy. Bui and company only managed 19 untimely deaths in this saga.

19 deaths / 1.22 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 15.57

The Saga of Ref the Sly (Ep. 25):  Ref managed to pile up the bodies in impressive fashion. The addition of 50 bodies near the end of the saga also helped boost the total for the body count. Without any controversy, John and Andy both arrived at a total of 64 bodies hitting the floor.

64 deaths / 1.22 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 52.46

Second Quarter Court Results: The total number of deaths in the 10 sagas covered in the second quarter was 625, significantly more than the 342 from the first quarter.  Grettir’s Saga and Njal’s Saga provided a healthy boost with a total of 146.5 and 221 untimely deaths respectively, but most sagas in this quarter were in the 50 and under range.

625.5 total deaths / 30.85 total Hrafnkels = Second Quarter Court BCDM of 20.28 (almost exactly the same as the First Quarter Court BCDM)

The Saga of Droplaug’s Sons (Ep. 23):  The body count here was pretty straightforward, though there was some discussion of whether or not to include Eindridi, the son of Hallstein, and Asbjorn Skerry-blaze.  We elected to count the former, but not the latter.  This left us with a total of 21 plus the 2 oxen who fell through the ice with Droplaug #2.

21 deaths / 1.05 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 20

The Saga of the People of Vopnafjord (Ep. 22): At little more than a Hrafnkel, we didn’t expect a high body count here.  Total 17 plus many cattle, all killed by Brodd-Helgi.

17 deaths / 1.05 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 16.2

Thorstein the White’s Saga (Ep. 21): This tiny saga couldn’t possibly have offered much in the way of body count without an impressive massacre.  Alas, it was a feud saga focusing on a brief period of hostility.  This left us with a body count of only 7.

7 deaths / 0.39 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 17.9

Njal’s Saga (Ep. 20): As the biggest and most epic of the family sagas, Njal’s Saga didn’t disappoint when it came to Body Count.  With a series of violent feuds knitting the narrative together, the bloody Battle of Clontarf, and Kari’s revenge, Njal’s Saga easily has the highest body count of any saga we’ve covered so far.  The total was 221 plus 4 animals (2 dogs and 2 horses).

221 deaths / 10.94 Hrafnkels = BCDM 20.2

The Saga of the People of Reykjadal and Killer-Skuta (Ep. 19): 51 + 2 oxen – It should have been a straightforward count.  John stepped in and mucked up the works with a count of 52.  The discrepancy was the death of Alfhild, a non-character whose death is reported as an aside.  We also introduced a Body Count innovation in this episode called the Body Count Density Measurement (BCDM), which is explained above.

51 deaths / 2.60 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 19.62

The Saga of Finnbogi the Strong (Ep. 18): 54 + 3 animals (2 bears and a bull) – Not much controversy here.  Finnbogi was an active player in many of the deaths.  We applaud Finnbogi for becoming the first saga hero to be a repeat ursacide. We’re impressed.

54 deaths / 2.60 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 20.77

The Saga of the Greenlanders (Ep. 17): 50 – Freydis took care of the bulk of the Body Count here with 35 killings in Vinland, but don’t tell anyone you know about that or she’ll get you too.  Battles with skraelings and a bit of disease and famine also play a significant role in the many deaths in this saga.  If only the author would have given us more numbers while reporting on all these deaths.    At only 0.71 Hrafnkels, 50 untimely deaths is pretty impressive.

50 deaths / .71 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 70.42 [Currently highest BCDM – Will be hard to beat]

Grettir’s Saga (Ep. 16): 146.5 + 5 unnatural beings + 4 or more animals.  The numbers in this saga are a bit wonky, since the author himself sometimes can’t seem to keep track of how many men are in a group of attackers and how many die.  With some diligent counting, we determined a rough number of 146.5.  The .5 is perhaps the most tragic death we’ve encountered.  It is the result of Thorbjorn Hook beating his step-mother to death.  She was rumored to be pregnant at the time, thus the .5.  Grettir also killed 5 supernatural or unnatural beings, including the draugar of Kar the Old and Glam, an assumed demonic spirit in the shape of a child, a troll hag, and a giant.  We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention Grettir’s fondness for killing animals.  Beating the giant bear was an incredible feat.  Murdering geese, flaying Kengala the horse, and playfully leaving his own horse to be ravaged by Glam are among his less glamorous efforts.

146.5 deaths / 6.92 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 21.17

Vatnsdœla Saga (Ep. 14): 41 – Now that we’re done with the sagas of warrior poets, we can get back to some more impressive body count numbers.  No controversies here.

41 deaths / 3.21 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 12.77

Viglund’s Saga (Ep. 13): 17 – The saga author kept things nice and neat for our body count.  Minor controversy as John tried to make a case for saga characters who had no role in the saga at all, but that was easily dismissed.  Andy tried to make the case for counting the 2 horses and 2 oxen killed, but that was also dismissed for some reason.

17 deaths / 1.38 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 12.32

First Quarter Court Results: The total number of deaths in the 10 sagas covered so far is 342.  Not too bad, but less impressive when you consider that Eyrbyggja Saga and Gisli’s Saga account for half of those.  Bandamanna Saga really hurt us here, with only 4 untimely deaths.  That’s right, 4.

342 total deaths / 16.5 total Hrafnkels = First Quarter Court BCDM of 20.73 (Not terribly impressive)

The Saga of Bjorn Champion of the Hitardal People (Ep. 12): 14 – No controversy this time.  One could include the dragon and the seal, but that would just be ridiculous.  Right?

14 deaths / 2.24 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 6.25

Kormak’s Saga (Ep. 11): 24 or 22.  Andy and John disagree again.  At issue here were the deaths of Ogmund’s first wife and son, Helga and Frodi.  Andy argues that their deaths are untimely and that they do affect the narrative. John heartlessly disregards their deaths as unimportant.  As always, he favors violent deaths only, the savage.

24 deaths / 1.42 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 16.90

Hallfred Troublesome-Poet’s Saga (Ep. 10): 27 or 26 – A bit of a debate here over what counts as an untimely death.  Andy argued that the death of Ingibjorg, wife of Hallfred, should count.  John scoffed at the idea.

27 deaths / 1.16 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 23.28

Gunnlaug Serpent-Tongue’s Saga (Ep. 9): 14 total –  Not terribly impressive, but better than Bandamanna.

14 deaths / 1.11 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 12.61

Bandamanna saga (Ep. 8): 4 confirmed killings, a new low. Despite the slaughter of cows and horses in the final chapter, Bandamanna’s lack of bloodshed means that it’s likely to hold the “least bloody saga” title for a while…

4 deaths / 1.24 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 3.23 [Current lowest BCDM]

Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his Sons (Ep. 7): No count taken for this special episode.  The saga features a lot of pitched battles, but numbers aren’t usually recorded.

Hen-Thorir’s Saga (Ep. 6): 26 confirmed, with several unconfirmed in the burning of Blund-Ketil’s house and, of course, the disappearance of Tungu-Odd’s sons.

26 deaths / .98 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 26.53

Gisli’s saga Sursson (Ep. 5): 75–though the saga seems a bit confused about the number of men killed at Gisli’s last stand.

75 deaths / 2.19 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 34.25

Eirik the Red’s saga (Ep. 4): 39 confirmed (30 Scandinavians and 9 Skraelings), with another “almost 50″ men and women lost when Bjarni Grimjolfsson’s ship goes down at sea.

39 deaths / .87 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 44.83

Eyrbyggja saga (Ep. 3): 101 (after a long, complicated process of sorting out whose deaths count toward a total)

101 deaths / 4.29 Hrafnkels = BCDM of 23.54

Hrafnkel’s saga (Ep. 2): 18 (plus one very important horse)

18 deaths / 1 Hrafnkel = BCDM of 18

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