2 thoughts on “Saga Thing Store

  1. Hello,
    I started to read Gisli’s Saga. I was interested in the relationship between Thorgrim and Gisli and Thorkel. During the swearing scene Thorgrim said that he cares about his brothers-in-law (Thorkel and Gisli) but not about Vestein, who he considers as a non-relative. The Saga also states that Thorgrim is married to Thordisa. The problem is that Gisli and Thorkel’s older sister Thordisa is already married to Vestein. Does Thordisa married two husbands (and committed bigamy) or did the saga authors made a mistake!?
    Please enlighten me! (because I’m quite confused right now)


  2. The Author has not made a mistake. It was not uncommon for a woman to have two husbands if she was a woman of certain status. In reverse, men could also have several wives if they could sustain the families.


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