First Quarter Court Polls

Saga Thing’s First Quarter Court

The Polls Are Closed


Poll Results

The Thingmen

Saga Andy John
Hrafnkel’s Saga Hrafnkel Frey’s Goði Thorkel Thjostarsson
Eyrbyggja Saga Arnkel Thorolfsson Snorri Goði
Eirik the Red Styr Thorgrimsson Leif Eiriksson
Gisli’s Saga Gisli Sursson Aud Vesteinsdottir
Hen-Thorir Tungu Odd Thord Bellower
Bandamanna Saga Beard-Broddi Ofeig Skiðason
Gunnlaug’s Saga Thorstein Egilsson Skafti Lawspeaker
Hallfred’s Saga Hallfred Troublesome-Poet Gris Saemingsson
Kormak’s Saga Bersi the Dueller Kormak
Bjorn’s Saga Bjorn Champion of the Hitardal People Thorstein Kuggason


3 thoughts on “First Quarter Court Polls

  1. I felt like the nicknames skewed towards novelty nicknames (funny and memorable, but they don’t reflect the spirit of the sagas), when I was hoping some more long-lasting classic ones would be in there. Hopefully we will see that in the second quarter.


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