Episode 13b – The Saga of Viglund the Fair (Judgments)

After a brief discussion of betrothal customs in medieval Iceland, John and Andy put Viglund’s Saga on trial.  Will Viglund’s axe juggling skills win him an award? Or will he be upstaged by his own horse? Who will be outlawed?  Who will earn a spot as thingman?  And how does Viglund’s Saga compare to the other Warrior Poet sagas we’ve covered?  What value does it have as a saga?  So much to think about, so much to learn.  Stop wondering and download the Judgments episode now.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 13b – The Saga of Viglund the Fair (Judgments)

  1. John called Ketilrid “Olof” at least twice here. You sure you chose the right thingman, sir?

    Absolutely delighted that you’re doing Vatnsdal next. I’ll finally know how to pronounce that sword’s name. (“Aetllletlllidtldoohickey.”)


  2. Did John just call Ketilrid “Olof” twice? Sir, are you sure you chose the right thingman here?

    Way-overdue thanks to both of you for this podcast. I look forward to Vatnsdal/hearing that sword’s name pronounced. (Aetllllllsomething?)


    • John really liked Olof standing up to the brothers from Foss. How seriously did he consider Olof for thingman? Not even a little. I think he was just trying to make himself look good in front of the lady listeners. But that’s just my opinion. – Andy


      • On the contrary, my character-assassinating friend. I was really impressed with Olof’s whole wearing-the-black-cloak episode. It’d been too long since we’d seen one (the Warrior-poet sagas didn’t seem keen on that trope). That said, it was probably always going to be Trausti–but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a few other figures out for a test drive!

        And I’ll put my Thingwoman Aud Vesteinsdottir up against your “no thingwomen at all” anytime you want to talk about giving due respect to saga women, you cad.



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