Episode 11b – Kormak’s Saga Judgments


In this episode, John and Andy discuss the problem of Thorveig’s curse, Kormak’s efforts to woo Steingerd, and the excellence of Bersi the Dueller.  It’s time to judge Kormak’s Saga.  Who will be chosen as thingman?  Who will be outlawed? Will the Scottish giant get the recognition he deserves for his brief cameo?  Download the episode and find out now!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 11b – Kormak’s Saga Judgments

  1. It was funny at the end of 11a, how you suggested doing things the 90’s way. Because I cue up episodes in my Winamp playlist, so all sorts of random things come on. This time, Alice in Chains. Sometimes I suspect my music of reading my mind…

    And on the note of the Scottish giant. I know the sagas are historical fiction, is it possible the real Kormak met his end via a large Scottish chief? Real people die in all sorts of random ways.


    • I hesitate to put any stock in the account of Kormak’s death, though I can see why one might want to rationalize the author’s choice. My guess is that John was close to the truth, or was it me…I can’t remember, when he said that this episode helps to embellish the quality of the saga’s hero by giving him a remarkable death. It’s important to remember that the sagas are grounded loosely in some history, sometimes, but are very much works of fiction influenced by a blending of Norse and continental European literary traditions.


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