Episode 3b: Eyrbyggja Saga (Judgments)

In this second go at Eyrbyggja saga, we answer the burning questions left unasked by our first episode:

Will Thrand Stigandi’s ostentatious attack at Ospak’s farm be enough to win Best Bloodshed?

How many bodies hit the floor, and why is it so difficult to come up with a consistent count?

In a saga with names like Thorstein Cod-Biter, Thorolf Bladder-bald, and Sigurð Snake-in-the-Eye, who can possibly win Best Nickname?

Who will be banished from Iceland forever?

Will Andy get to honor his hero Snorri by choosing him as thingman?

What do we really think of Eyrbyggja Saga?

Find out in the latest installment of Saga Thing!
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Get in on the action and let us know who you would choose for your thingman:

6 thoughts on “Episode 3b: Eyrbyggja Saga (Judgments)

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  2. I first read this saga about 17 years ago it was my third saga and the first Saga of Icelanders. Since then I have read many (as many as I can find), and have reread this one a couple of times. I have always thought of it as one of the most important sagas, and Snorri as probably the most important person in all the sagas set in Iceland (he is in so many others). What do you think?
    Rather than watch the History Channel completely destroy history, I would like to see HBO do the Sagas of Icelanders with Snorri as the political mastermind pulling the strings.


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